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Regional Chamber Membership

Regional Chamber Membership

$ 270.00

Whether you are a business of one or a company of thousands, the Regional Chamber has something for everyone. With nearly 3,000 members representing a total workforce of more than 150,000 employees in the greater Youngstown area, the Chamber truly is your business network. We appreciate your interest in membership and invite you to explore all of the benefits we offer and the many ways we may assist you and your business. And, be sure to look at the roster of fellow businesses that are Chamber members—perhaps the best reason to come and join us!

Services: From numerous programs and special events, to ribbon cutting celebrations and awards programs, our list of business services is long and continues to grow.

Discounts: The Regional Chamber offers significant group-saving discounts on healthcare, workers’ compensation, pre-employment screening services and more.

Membership Tiers: No matter how large or small your company size, our varying levels of membership are designed to accommodate all of your business, development and growth needs.